In Conversation With…Colin Harrison, Senior Curator Of European Art in the Department of Western Art in the Ashmolean Museum

Tucked within the University of Oxford’s campus, the Ashmolean is one of the oldest and most treasured art and archaeology museums in the world. It offers visitors access to world famous collections, ground-breaking exhibitions, and a rich schedule of programming. Colin Harrison, Senior Curator of European Art in the Department of Western Art, has spent over 25 years at the Ashmolean. First assisting as a freelancer, he was soon part of their team of curators. As he puts it: “[The museum] got so used to seeing my face, they gave me a position supervising the Print Rooms and then a curatorial position in 1995.”

The Huo Family Foundation awards six new grants to support the Arts

The Huo Family Foundation has given six new grants to support performing arts organisations in London, totalling £1 million. The pandemic has heavily impacted the performing arts sector and the funding will support both the artists and the institutions in which they work.

Understanding the immunity of recovered Covid-19 patients

Two vital research programmes taking place at the University of Oxford may hold the key to understanding the immunity of recovered Covid-19 patients.
Thousands of lives could be saved by measuring the strength of the antibody response in those who have had the virus and how long their immunity may last for.

Understanding how to live with COVID-19 is essential until we have a vaccine

In the global fight against the virus, gaining a better understanding of transmission and immune response and the effectiveness of testing is crucial. It’s the key that will enable our children to get back to school, people to return to work, and communities to rebuild safely. No single individual, country or organisation will be able to meet these challenges alone.