The Foundation receives detailed reports on the progress and achievement of the projects which it funds, with a particular focus on outcomes and impact.

The Trustees and staff team maintain close contact with grant recipients in order to ensure that its funds are used to support and serve the ultimate beneficiaries.

The Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited grant requests.


What distinguishes the Huo Family Foundation from other foundations?

The Huo Family Foundation is characterised by the personal connections which it cultivates with grant recipients. The Trustees fund projects and initiatives that particularly resonate with their own interests and life experiences.

Where does the funding come from?

The Foundation is funded by the Huo family.

How do you monitor the projects you support?

We receive regular written reports, both financial and qualitative, from grant beneficiaries. The Trustees and staff team also meet with the people who are directly benefiting from the grant. This affords a holistic sense of how effectively the donation has exerted positive influence.

How are grant recipients selected?

Grant recipients are selected based on various factors. However, all organisations that receive funding from the Huo Family Foundation need to be able to demonstrate impressive and measurable impact in one or more of the primary funding areas. 

What is the typical size of a grant?

It is difficult to quantify a ‘typical’ gift size; our grants range from $20,000 to $10m.